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Surgical Mesh & Felt for
Medical Device Manufacturers!

Volume discounts available for mesh & felt.

SurgicalMesh™ provides medical textiles for the manufacture of hernia mesh, surgical mesh and other medical devices. We offer various types of mesh and felt designs, including classic designs to more progressive designs used in the manufacture of various devices. We maintain an inventory of our items, so that our customers do not experience long lead times, nor do they need to place special orders.

The Polypropylene Mesh fabrics are used to manufacture such devices as hernia mesh, stress urinary incontinence slings, and vaginal prolapse suspenders. The Polyester Mesh fabrics are used in such applications as surgical mesh, wound dressing, molded silicone reinforcement, catheter anchoring and pacemaker lead fixation.

L-Mesh™ Composite Mesh is our latest product offering. L-Mesh™ Composite Mesh is a two-sided structure created by laminating expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) microporous expanded film or porous low dendisty polyethylene (LDPE) film to Polypropylene Mesh fabric.

The Polyester Felt, Polytetrafluoroethylene Felt and L-Felt™ Compostie Felt fabrics are used in such applications as suture pledgets, suture line buttresses, septal defect plugs and catheter cuffs.

Polyester Braided Tapes are available for such applications as umbilical tie off, retraction and ligation Their performance is enhanced by high strength, low stretch, smooth texture and easy handling characteristics.

Our fabrics are offered in convenient non sterile roll and sheet sizes, which can readily be converted into finished medical devices. We can also offer custom configurations upon request.

We also offer yarns to our customers for their special medical and biomedical textile needs. Yarns can be used to manufacture woven and knitted fabrics, and braided and twisted threads for various applications including sutures, vascular grafts, surgical mesh, hernia mesh, vaginal prolapse suspenders and urinary incontinence slings. Yarns can be supplied in various configurations and polymers including green polyester, multifilament polyester, high tenacity polyester, monofilament polyester, polypropylene monofilament , polytetrafluorethylene, ultra high molecular weight polyethyelene and textured polyester and nylon.


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